Chatham Baptist Church is a fellowship of followers of Jesus Christ who seek to love God and others in the same way Christ did.  We welcome all persons to worship, fellowship, and service through the ministry of Chatham Baptist Church.

We Are Christian

Of course, the fact that we are a congregation of followers of Christ called Christian is obvious.  But, what may not be so obvious is that our expression of the Christian faith is welcoming and caring.

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to serve the whole person, spiritually and physically, when needs arise.
  • We believe in treating others with respect, whether they agree with us or not.  We encourage each person to seek and find God in a community of faith, whatever that might be.
  • We are part of the worldwide communion of the Christian faith, even though our faith practices might differ from those of our brothers and sisters around the world.

We Are Baptists

As our name indicates, we are a Baptist congregation.  Being Baptist means that we value the four historic freedoms for which Baptists stand –

  • Religious freedom. We believe all people should be free to practice their faith without the intervention of governments.  Baptists were instrumental in securing the “Bill of Rights” in the United States Constitution which guarantees all citizens religious freedom.
  • Soul freedom.  Baptists believe that every person has the right and priviledge to come to God personally and directly.
  • Church freedom.  Baptist churches cooperate together, but each congregation is an autonomous body, making its own decisions, selecting its own leadership, and following God’s guidance.
  • Bible freedom.  Baptists historically have affirmed the ability and right of each individual to read and interpret Holy Scripture for themselves.  We do not have a creed, but affirm the historic beliefs of the Christian faith.

As a congregation, we affirm The Baptist Faith and Message adopted in 1963.

We Are Virginia Baptists and Global Baptists

The location of the church property is Chatham, Virginia.  But, location is not what places us in the tradition of Virginia Baptists.  Through the Baptist General Association of Virginia, we work together with other Virginia Baptist churches to help others, meet needs, encourage one another, and share the good news of the message of Jesus Christ with the world.  Virginia Baptists are cooperative, caring, and thoughtful.  Our worship celebrates the traditions of our heritage, while engaging the culture of our time.

Worldwide we also cooperate with the Baptist World Alliance, and support the international and North American missions work of the Southern Baptist Convention.   Locally, we support the ministries of the Pittsylvania Baptist Association.

We Are Families and Individuals Who Love God and Others

Mostly, Chatham Baptist Church is a fellowship of followers of Christ who love God, and others, and who want to make a difference in our community and world.  If this sounds like the kind of church you’re looking for, we invite you to join us for worship, fellowship, or service.  Call the church office for more information at 434.432.8003.