Summer Music and Arts Camp

Chatham Baptist Offers Children’s Music and Arts Camp, July 13-16

Summer for children in Chatham this year means more than just a break from school. It’s also a time to explore music, art, and cultures from around the world at Chatham Baptist Church’s Summer Music and Arts Camp. The day camp is scheduled for Monday through Thursday, July 13-16, from 10 a.m. until 12 noon each day.

Summer Music and Arts Camp is open to all children preschool through 12th grade. Each day camper will have the opportunity to learn songs from around the world. Campers will also participate in a drumming workshop led by drum master, Ed Mikenas. Art and Music Campers also will  create art projects reflecting different cultures, and learn how faith is part of everyday life in different countries. A complete staff of adult leaders will guide children from one activity to the next throughout the week.

In addition to music and art projects, special guests speakers will help campers understand and appreciate cultures in Russia, Africa, South America, and among Native American tribes in the United States. Brief presentations and displays of cultural artifacts each day will help children learn about different global communities. Campers will also enjoy a snack with an international flavor during break times, prepared by Gayle Brann and her staff.

The Summer Music and Arts Camp is under the direction of Charlotte Paris, organist and choir director at Chatham Baptist Church. Mrs. Paris will also lead music from around the world for first through twelfth graders. Music selections will be worshipful and easy to learn, and the campers will be able to learn songs in different languages.  Staci Wall will guide the art projects for the same group.  The projects are inspired by international artists and cultures.  Preschool music will be led by Lynn Dinkle. Stefanie Anderson and Tara Stafford will help preschoolers explore other cultures through art activities each day.

At the end of the camp, a special music performance and art show on Thursday evening, July 16, at 6 p.m. will give parents and grandparents an opportunity to hear and see what their campers have learned during the week.

Registration for the day camp is open to the entire community. The cost for the camp is $5 per camper, and includes all art materials, music, snacks, and instruction. For registration and more information, call Chatham Baptist Church at 432-8003, or email Charlotte Paris at

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