Upcoming Events/ Ladies Bible Study

WMU Girls!  The date has changed for the dismantling of the Chrismon tree which will be Friday, December 2nd at 2:00 PM in the Chatham Baptist Fellowship Hall, where our hostess, Janice Overbey, will serve refreshments at 2.  Then we will go to the Sanctuary to dismantle the Chrismon Tree.  We do hope that all of you can attend.

Then the February meeting will be a change in time also, so that we can have the folders for the Women of the Pittsylvania County Good News Jail Ministry for the women in the Danville Jail before Valentine’s Day.  We will meet on Tuesday, February 3th, so that we can get the women the valentines before February 14th.  We will meet in the church fellowship hall at 2 in the afternoon, with Carolyn Walton as hostess..  Be preparing the papers, cards and valentines for adults and children, and U.S. Postal Stamps.  I have the folders.  Hope that all of you can attend this special project for the women who are in jail in Danville.

The Monday Morning Ladies Bible Study on Nehemiah, a heart that can break by Kelly Minter, an author, speaker, songwriter and singer, whom none of us have studied.
She is passionate, about women discovering Christ through the pages of stricture.    So whether it’s through a song, Bible Study, or spoken word, Kelly’s desire is to authentically express Christ to the Women of this generation.  In a culture where so many are hurting and broken, she loves to share about the healing and strength of Christ through the Bible’s Truth.

This bible study starts on Monday morning, January 19th in the Chatham Baptist Church Fellowship Hall at 9:00 AM  and will continue for 7 weeks on the book of
Nehemiah.  We hope that many of you will be willing to attend.  The book can be purchased at the Lifeway Book Store  at a price of $13.60, with the taxes.  Becky Bennett, of Greenfield Baptist Church  will lead us on the first session on the 19th.  Call Eleanor Haskins at 432-8279 so that we can be on the prayer list for the group.

Thirty people have attended the Bible Studies in the past, and we have 16 churches  who have attended  from the county, so we are hoping for such a good group of people  to attend this bible study.

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