Christmas Caroling

ImageChristmas Caroling by the children has been a tradition at Chatham Baptist Church for years, but this year there was an added event that drew the children and parents to the event.  Thirty-four people went by the church bus to 13 shut-ins’ homes to sing Christmas carols on Wednesday evening.  Charlotte Paris, Church Choir Director and Organist, led the carols.  The 19 children and youth and 15 parents, leaders and Chuck Warnock and his wife Debbie left the church parking lot at 5, with the bus, driven by Ray Walton, a deacon,   leading the caravan of 5 cars, since the bus was full.  The 13 shut-ins were waiting excitedly as they had each been contacted by the church ministry coordinator, Erica Galvan-Motley, who also leads the youth program for the church.  Children presented gifts and homemade cards to the shut-ins.  Those participating were excited to see the display of lights and spheres at the home of the minister of the Chatham Presbyterian Church, Michel Pugh on Peach Street.  After two hours of singing, the group went to the home of Susan Bower, one of the leaders of Children In Action Group, where the party for Jesus birthday began.  A meal of pigs in a blanket, chips and carrots was devoured, followed by the reading of the story from the Bible of the birth of Jesus by Pastor Chuck and the gathering around the table to light a candle on each cupcake before the group sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  The grand finale was the added event that drew the attendance.  It was 8 o’clock before leaving the event, everyone was pleased that they had joined in the event.    

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