Lenten Community Meals and Meditation

Our Lenten tradition continues in Chatham.  Each year four of Chatham’s congregations come together to share a meal and a time of reflection during the lenten season. This year Chatham Baptist Church, Watson Memorial United Methodist Church, Chatham Presbyterian Church, and Emmanuel Episcopal Church are meeting on Wednesday evenings during Lent to share table fellowship and to reflect together.

All of our meals together will be in our church fellowship hall, but each church will take turns “hosting” the evening together.  The host church arranges for the table setup, provides desserts, presents the program, and coordinates cleanup.  The schedule is Chatham Baptist hosted on March 16; Watson Memorial UMC will host on March 23; Chatham Presbyterian on March 30; and, Emmanuel Episcopal on April 6.  The final meal on April 13 will again be hosted by Chatham Baptist.

Meals begin each Wednesday at 5:30 PM, followed by the Lenten meditation at 6:15 PM.  Reservations are made by calling your home church, and they will relay those reservations to Chatham Baptist by noon on Tuesdays.  The number at our church is 434-432-8003.

Holy Week events will take place at each church between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  We’ll announce dates and times before Holy Week.

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